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007 Bloodstone

Title: WipEout 2048

Developer: Sony Studio Liverpool

Publisher: SCEE

Release date: 19 January 2012

Platforms: Playstation Vita

Description: A futuristic racing game that takes place in the year 2048.

Job title: Contract Artist

wipeout ambulance
An air ambulance used as a track side vehicle. Modeled and textured from a concept art piece.
wipeout 2048 airship
Airship created with use of a rough concept sketch.
wipeout 2048 balloons
A set of parade balloons created from various concept art pieces.
wipeout 2048 airship stand
A floating spectator platform modeled and textured with reference to a piece of concept art.
wipeout 2048 mall screenshot 01
wipeout 2048 mall screenshot 02
wipeout 2048 mall screenshot 03
My task was to model and texture up a white boxed section of the Queens Mall track. This section was actually the mall interior. The style had already been established on another section of the track, so it was mostly a case of level building using existing textures to make sure the environment felt consistent. The screenshot was taken directly from the Playstation Vita.
wipeout 2048 altima screenshot 01
wipeout 2048 altima screenshot 02
wipeout 2048 altima screenshot 03
Track side buildings created with use of concept art as a style guide.