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icon troll and i

Title: Troll and I

Developer: Spiral House

Publisher: Maximum Games

Release date: 21 March 2017

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Description: An adventure game where you play as a boy and a troll.

Job title: Environment Artist

forest 01

forest 02

forest 03
A forest environment where you begin your game. The goal was to create a believable forest atmosphere that feels calm and relaxing. Its here that the player will learn the basics of the game such as hunting.
Otto village
This is the home village of the main protagonist and as such needed to have a homely and safe atmosphere. I worked with concept art in order to create the right style for the area.
Troll cave entrance
The entrance to the troll cave created with reference to concept art. This was an area that needed to feel other worldly and mystical. A stark contrast to the forest that came before in both colour and style.

mine buildings

mine buildings and bridge
The mineral mine filled with old abandoned buildings and a network of raised platforms and balconies.

altitude forest

altitude forest 02
A high altitude wilderness environment used in the later stages of the game.