Personal Projects Resume
Title commercial projects  
Substance designerceramic tiles
A ceramic tile substance with colour adjustment and dirt layer.
Substance designer buttoned leather
A buttoned leather substance with separate colour controls for the leather and buttons. A metallic option is also available for the buttons.
Substance designer hammered metal
I wasn't satisfied with the default hammered metal material in Substance Painter so I decided to create my own that had a more organic feel.
Substance designer herringbone tiles
A mossy herringbone tile with colour, dirt and moss coverage controls.
substance designer marble
A marble substance that has a colour variation switch that allows the user to choose between brown, green, white and black marble.
substance designer medieval bricks substance designer medieval gold coins substance designer medieval floor tiles
A set of medieval themed substances that I'm using for a personal project. On the left is a rough castle brick, gold coins in the middle and some stone floor tiles on the right.
substance designer versatile base material
I decided to create a versatile rough base material for use in Substance Painter. It allows me to quickly make rough molded plastics and sand cast metals with a few roughness, colour and dirt controls.