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007 Bloodstone

Title: James Bond 007: Blood Stone

Developer: Bizarre Creations

Publisher: Activision

Release date: 5 November 2010

Platforms: Xbox360 / PS3 / PC

Description: An original Bond adventure set in a wide range of locations world wide.The mechanics are mainly based around a 3rd person adventure game but also incorporate driving/racing,hand to hand combat and stealth.

Job title: Environment Artist

monaco screenshot 01
monaco screenshot 02
monaco screenshot 03
monaco garden overview
Monaco garden situated in grounds of a large casino. In this level Bond has to stealthily make his way through the grounds in order to infiltrate the casino building.
I was responsible for developing this section of the garden from a white box form to final quality.
siberia driving level screenshot 01
In this driving level Bond has to try and escape a destructing chemical refinery in Siberia. Half the level takes place within the grounds of the refinery whilst the other half takes the player out on to a frozen ice river.
I was mainly responsible for the track surfacing within the refinery portion of the level. This also included the creation and placement of the fences and barriers that run along the track. I also worked as part of a team to place and modify pre existing assets such as buildings and silos to populate the level.
siberia shipwreck screenshot
shipwreck modification
shipwreck texture map
In the ice river section I was given the task of creating a shipwreck to add a bit of interest to the level. Due to time constraints creating a shipwreck from scratch wouldn't have been very wise so I created one by modifying an existing outsourced ship model.